Collinpur Beach


Collinpur Beach, in the southern Andaman Islands, is home to gorgeous cobalt sea and a serene length of beach. A dense curtain of palm plantations surrounds the unique Collinpur beach. Collinpur Beach, with its unusual position and lack of crowds, is one of the most popular places in Port Blair. 'Sunset Bay' is another name for it. Collinpur's beach is U-shaped, with ocean clouds drifting in the water. The beach is covered with smooth sand, and the rich flora in the area has several colours of green. The location is incredibly lovely, with huge green tropical woods and twisted trunks of old trees providing a wonderful backdrop to the blue waves that traverse the shore.

You've heard of many sites in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, but Collinpur is a fantastic addition to the list of places to visit and enjoy in this collection of islands. This island is just around 36 kilometres from Port Blair and is easily accessible by car. The Collinpur Beach is the second-closest beach to Port Blair, after the Corbyn Cove.

However, unlike the latter, Collinpur Beach is rarely crowded because it is not regarded one of the region's key attractions. The nicest aspect about going to this beach is that if you're a lone traveller or a couple looking for solitude and tranquilly, you'll find it here because it's nearly deserted. It appears to be a wonderful, unspoiled beauty that you may have all to yourself.


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