Elephenta Beach


Elephant Beach is a private beach with crystal clear seas and beautiful white sand. Ancient trees create a lot of shadows, and there are a lot of them along the beach, making it appear even more magical. Unfortunately, the beach is only a fraction of what it once was, since the 2004 tsunami took away most of the beachfront. The corals here are still among the nicest on the island, and the reef is close to the beach, making this a great snorkelling area.

Bring your own snorkel since the undersea environment is simply incredible. It may get crowded, especially during sea-walking and snorkelling trips, but everyone can choose their own private space.

During peak season, there are a few vendors offering fresh fruits and coconuts, as well as some drinks and snacks on the packed beach. Apart from that, there are no additional amenities accessible. Snirkelling.

What is the best way to get to Elephenta Beach?

Elephanta beach is located on the western shore of Havelock and may be accessed by speed boat or hiking through a jungle track. The speed boats depart from the Havelock jetty and arrive at Elephant Beach in around 20 minutes (8.7 kilometres). A road comes up on the way to Radhangar beach for those who don't mind a 2.5-kilometer hike through the bush, and you may use it instead of the boat.

This journey should take no more than 30 minutes. If you want assistance, guides are provided at the entrance. Bring plenty of water and wear comfortable shoes.


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