Gandhi Park


Gandhi Park, in the heart of Port Blair, offers the type of tranquilly that one wants away from the turmoil of modern life. The Park, which was formerly the city's main supply of drinking water, is now a symbol of natural beauty and man-made brightness.

This charming park, built around the Diltaman tank in only thirteen days, provides for a nice vacation with family, especially if you're bringing along a posse of small feet who will appreciate the amusement rides, the nature walk around the lake, and boating. The park, which features an enormous statue of Mahatma Gandhi in the centre, also includes a few other historical sites, like the ruins of a Japanese temple and a bunker, promising a fun day.

Those searching for a relaxing way to spend a couple of hours can leave the kids on the swings while they relax on a seat beneath a tree, buried in the pages of that book they brought along. The Park is also a great place to go bird watching.

Outside the park, a variety of food booths await hungry visitors, including pani puri kiosks, ice cream carts, and Chinese fast food shops. It is not advised for people who just have a few days to see the island because it is calm and picturesque.

What is the best way to get to Gandhi Park?

Gandhi Park is located in the heart of Port Blair city and is readily accessible by taxi, 2-wheeler (daily rentals), or hailing an auto. The Aberdeen Market and the jetty are close by (1 km away).


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