Lakshmanpur Beach


Long expanses of white beach, crystal clear turquoise lakes, and a lush green forest. With ancient fallen trees being swept away by the waves, Beach No. 1 is picture-perfect. Swimming is best done at high tide, although it may also be done at low tide. Maintain the corals and a few rocks below the water's surface. Beach No. 1 has the greatest snorkelling on the islands, with a variety of colourful fish and corals. If you're lucky, you could see a dugong (sea cow) eating on seagrass.

The beach is also renowned as the island's sunset point, so it can get rather crowded around sunset as people flock to take a snapshot or two before heading to supper. The gorgeous calm beach is practically deserted at other times, so you can always locate a specific spot to enjoy this jewel all to yourself.

What is the best way to get to Lakshmanpur Beach?

Lakshmanpur Beach, also known as Beach #1, is located far west on Neil Island. It's around 2 kilometres from the centre (market) and 2.5 kilometres from the jetty. The ideal route to take depends on your starting point and the amount of time you have. Neil's streets are flat and simple to stroll or ride on. You can rent taxis, auto-rickshaws, or 2-wheelers for a more convenient mode of transportation (daily rentals only). One may be found at the jetty or requested from your hotel. You must walk a few metres on a tiny dirt path that begins on a small twist where the paved road stops to discover the beach access.


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