Lime Stone Cave Baratang


The primary tourist attractions in Baratang are the limestone cave formations at Nayadera and the extensive mangrove-covered rivers. The island is notable for its limestones, which produce unique structures and strata either above or below the ground level. At the Nilambur jetty, you may simply rent a boat to transport you to the famed caverns. The voyage is made more fascinating by passing through mangrove-covered canals and seeing the picturesque coastline covered in mangrove woods.

To see its natural splendour, you must walk down for roughly 1.2 kilometres from the wooden pier at Nayadera. Massive formations dangle from the ceiling like pendants on the cave walls. The stalactites and stalagmites shimmer and glow as water drips continuously from the ceiling. The sad reality is that visitors to the caverns are damaging these natural treasures by littering and scribbling their names on the ancient structures.

How do you go to Baratang limestone cave?

The limestone caverns are about 12 kilometres by boat and 2 kilometres by foot from the Baratang Jetty. You must reserve a ticket and board a fibre motorboat once you get on Baratang Island. There may be a line, and you will have to wait your turn. This boat can normally fit 6-8 persons depending on its size.

The trip should take around 25 minutes in total, with amazing views. You'll go through mangroves on both sides of vast and tiny walkways. You may have to stoop to avoid being scratched by the trees if the river is too narrow. The ride is thrilling throughout. Later, the boat would be moored near a wooden bridge. This bridge leads to a 2-kilometer forest journey that ends at the limestone caverns. In most cases, the boatman also serves as your tour guide, and you will return on the same boat that you left on.


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