Natural Stone Bridge


The Howrah Bridge, a natural bridge structure, is Neil's most recognised attraction. To witness this natural "wonder," go to rocky beach No. 2 during low tide, when you may walk over the dead corals and rocks to get to the attraction.

The marine animals shown here may also be intriguing to some. Small fish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, starfish, and even beautiful corals are slowly sprouting back on certain portions of the reef. Because the rocky surface might be slippery in certain areas and many are sharp, caution is advised when walking.

In the late afternoons, the place can get crowded with tourists as it is the last stop before heading to the sunset point. Check the tide timings before you plan a trip here!

What is the best way to get to Natural Bridge?

Natural Bridge at Beach Number 2 needs to be reached by road and then requires one to walk a few 100 metres on a rocky path. The entrance to the beach lies about 2.5 km from the jetty and 2kms from the market area (centre of town).

You can rent a taxi, auto-rickshaw, bicycle or 2-wheeler to get here. When at the main entrance, you must park your vehicle outside, climb a rocky path, and then walk a few metres through the craggy shores to be able to see the natural bridge.Go during low tide and wear comfortable footwear.


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