Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep)

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Neil Island is most recognised for its unrivalled biodiversity and vast expanse of thick tropical forests and foliage, which are balanced by white sand beaches and abundant coral reefs.The Shaheed Dweep, as it is currently known, is a tiny island that covers only 13.7 square kilometres and is mostly covered with forest.

A Quick Overview of Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep)

Neil Island is ideal for a relaxing vacation due to its rich biodiversity, undiscovered coral reefs, white sand beaches, and tropical woods.

This island is only 13.7 square kilometres in size. Neil may be bicycled about with little effort because to the flat terrain and compact size. The island is soothingly different from its adjacent Havelock, with its laid-back feel and clear appeal.

Neil Island is ideal for individuals who wish to unwind on extensive stretches of uninhabited beach. This island is ideal for individuals who wish to visit the island's communities because it has low traffic, few activities to participate in, and few resorts.

Spend quality time at the beaches named after legendary figures from the Ramayana, or participate in water sports in the crystal blue waters — Neil Island is the rustic masterpiece of the Andaman Islands.

How do I go to Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep)?

A ferry from Port Blair is the sole means to reach Neil Island. This island is connected to Port Blair and other adjacent islands by both government and private ships. Taking a private ferry is the best way to get around. The government ferries' tickets are largely reserved for islanders, and with no possibility for online booking, getting a guaranteed ticket is extremely unlikely. To avoid the last-minute rush, it is advised that you reserve your tickets online and ahead of time.




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