North Bay Island


North Bay Island is a practical alternative for the rushed traveller, located to the north of Port Blair and only a 45-minute trip from Aberdeen Jetty.

The lighthouse that appears on the reverse of the Rs. 20 note is located on the seashore. The lighthouse offers a wonderful perspective of the adjacent islands of Ross Island and Port Blair skyline in the expanse of brilliantly glittering seas to anyone who braves the difficult journey up.

Glass boat rides, Sea Walking, Scuba Diving, and Snorkeling are just a few of the water sports and adventure activities available at North Bay Beach. The shallow water allows for excellent coral viewing. At North Bay, a number of firms provide dives (which last around 40 minutes each) with complimentary underwater images put onto your phone.

A trip to North Bay Island might take up to half of a day. Though snacks (a few standard Chinese meals and pakodas) and beverages (tea and coffee) are available on the beach, it is recommended to bring something to eat.

What is the best way to get to North Bay Island?

North Bay is roughly 4 kilometres by water from Port Blair and is about a 45-minute boat journey from Aberdeen jetty. This jetty is located on Port Blair's east coast, inside the Water Sports Complex, and is easily accessible by taxi, auto-rickshaw, or two-wheeler.

When you arrive, you have the option of purchasing a ticket for a two-island trip (7 hours) that includes Ross Island and North Bay, or a ticket for only North Bay (About 4 hours in total). The boat that carries you there, waits for you, and returns with you.


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