Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex


The Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex, popularly known as the Andaman Water Sports Complex, is a must-see destination that is full of excitement, pleasure, and delight. In the heart of Port Blair, there is another added attraction in Andaman. The Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex provides visitors a variety of exciting water sports activities, including row boats, paddle boats, and more. Parasailing, banana boats, speed boats, and other adventure sports are available. Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex is historically significant in addition to providing a relaxing and enjoyable water sports experience.

This is the site of the Battle of Aberdeen, which took place in 1859 between Andaman aborigines and British. Thus, Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex is a must-see sight on your Andaman tour for a variety of reasons. The Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex also features a memorial to the 1859 'Battle of Aberdeen,' which pitted Britishers against Andamanese aboriginals.

What is the best way to get to Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex?

This 2-kilometer-long facility was designed as a walking and relaxing area and is easily accessible by descending the steps down from the Cellular Jail. The facility is adjacent to Marina Park, close to the Cellular Jail, and conveniently close to the bus station, allowing you to arrange your journey without hesitation.


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