Ramnagar Beach


Beach No. 3 spans across Ramnagar village, however due to the sharp reefs, swimming is impossible at most locations. The Blue Sea Restaurant and the walkway right across the main road from Deep Sea Resort offer the finest sea access. With pure blue water, a tranquil sea, and yellowish sand, the beach bay is beautiful. The adjacent trees provide enough of shade, and the location is ideal for a relaxing read by the sea.

Beach No. 3 features good snorkelling with good visibility and many of colourful fish along the S-shaped coral reef, although the greatest spots with living corals are further out in the water. It's best for experienced swimmers because the waves on the reef may get fairly huge and the currents can be quite powerful. The beach is almost always uninhabited, making it ideal for those seeking solitude. In comparison to beach No. 1, this length of sand also offers amazing sunset views without the crowds.

What is the best way to get to Ramnagar Beach?

This beach is 2 kilometres from the jetty and is located between the market and Sitapur Beach. This beach is lined by resorts and eateries. It is easily accessible by road, and may be accessed by 2-wheeler, cab, bicycle, or auto rickshaw. One may be found at the jetty or requested from your hotel.


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