Samudrika Museum


The Samudrika museum is an ideal combination of old and new, present and past. The museum has been painstakingly arranged into five rooms, each of which highlights a distinct aspect of the Andaman Islands. As you enter the museum, you are greeted with a giant blue whale in its skeletal form.

The first chamber is dedicated to the geographical history of the islands, from its name to how it came to be. The second and third rooms will be a treat for both the young and old. The second room's aquarium is brimming with fish of various kinds and sizes, from a parrotfish to a rare and dangerous stonefish species. The third chamber, on the other hand, features corals, which are well-known on the islands. A large display of shells is housed in the fourth chamber. As a result, one gets a thorough picture of the Andamans' marine fauna.

The fifth chamber, as vital as the marine life is to the Andamans, must be visited before leaving the museum. Here you'll discover information on island tribal life as well as a display of remarkable snake and butterfly specimens. If you wish to take some keepsakes home from your vacation, you should stop by the curio shop.

What is the best way to get to Samudrika Marine Museum?

Samudrika Naval Marine Museum is located at Haddo, on the northern end of Port Blair city. It is around 2 kilometres from the city centre and may be reached by taxis, auto-rickshaws (tuk-tuks), and two-wheelers (available for day rentals).


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