Sitapur Beach (Sunrise Beach)


Sitapur beach, also known as beach No. 5, is located on the island's tip, about 5 kilometres from the market. It is also known as the'dawn beach' because of its prime location for seeing the beautiful sunrise every morning. Two curving coves and crystal blue waves urge one to go for a swim on this postcard-perfect tranquil beach.

It is subject to higher tides and heavier currents due to its position, yet swimming is allowed at all times. The palm palms provide plenty of shade along the white expanses of smooth beach. At low tide, visitors may stroll to the second bay and discover tiny caves, or simply relax on Sitapur beach. There are no amenities yet because the beach is rarely populated; one can only buy fresh coconuts. If you run out of water or feel hungry, there is a lodge with a tiny restaurant 100 metres away.

What is the best way to get to Sitapur Beach?

Sitapur Beach is located on Neil Island to the east. It's around 5.5 kilometres from the centre (market) and 6 kilometres from the jetty. The ideal route to take depends on your starting point and the amount of time you have. Neil's streets are flat and simple to stroll or ride on. You can rent taxis, auto-rickshaws, or 2-wheelers for a more convenient mode of transportation (daily rentals only). One may be found at the jetty or requested from your hotel.


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