Wandoor Beach


Wandoor beach, 25 kilometres east of Port Blair, is popular with both visitors and residents. The beach's beautiful landscape makes it suitable for swimming and snorkelling. This beach has pure blue water that contrasts well against the dry trees, as well as well-built seats and change rooms for your comfort. The trees that were uprooted after the Tsunami of 2006 create a beautiful scenery.

If you're looking for some adrenaline, a short hike to the natural caverns here is ideal. The caves were sculpted by the violent high tides that encircle the coastline over decades. The strenuous hike is best done early in the morning when the tides are low and you may return by early evening. Overall, Wandoor beach's tranquil and gorgeous landscapes are worth a visit for a relaxing experience, with the cave hike providing just the appropriate amount of excitement.


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