COVID - 19 Pandemic has brought about a paradigm shift in the design & characteristics of tourism industry. Hence, it becomes pertinent for us to issue following guidelines :-

  • 1 - The package as provided by Travel Andaman Holidays is subject to variations in case of change in climatic condition or COVID - 19 guideline. In such conditions, alternate arrangements shall be made accordingly.
  • 2 - In case of any Guest being detected COVID - 19 positive, Travel Andaman Holidays shall assist the Guest / Guests to the best of its capacity. During the period of quarantine, all expenses ( if any) shall be borne by the concerned Guest only.
  • 3 - The booking is respect of Accommodation, Transportation ( Boat Tickets/ show Tickets) has been confirmed on payment of advanced deposits. In case of any postponed arrival , the suitable arrangement shall be made subject to availability.
  • 4 - In case of any variation in the departure (postponement / cancellations of flight) all additional charges ( including Accommodation, Transportation and meals ) shall be borne by the concerned Guest only.
  • 5 - The Guest / Guests shall be bound by the above terms & conditions.


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