Top Destinations in Baratang Island

Natural Cave Limestone Cave Baratang Andaman

Lime Stone Cave

These caves are nearer to Baratang Jetty . The sea journey starts from the Nilambur Jetty/Baratang Jetty. Lime stone cave is 25 minutes by boat from Jetty. Its closed on Monday..

Active Volcano Active Mud Volcano Andaman

Mud Volcano

This mud volcano is one more main attraction for visitors travelling in Andaman islands. This Volcano is nearer to Baratang Jetty of Andaman islands (middle Andaman). It takes atleast a day to visit this place and return to Port Blair.

Bird Watching Bird Watching Andaman

Parrot Island

Parrot Island is a tiny island near Baratang Island. The Island is the home to Hundreds of Parrots. The parrots in the Parrot Island come home during evenings. We can have an awesome view of Sunset, along with the hundreds of Parrots returning home. This gives an unforgettable experience which is quite heart-worming.

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