• 1. Travel Andaman is not responsible for cancellation of the services by the vendors due to climatic change or any reason (Like Hotels, ferries, cruise, vehicles, shows, airlines, etc).
  • 2. In addition to the above cancellation charges, you may be subjected to cancellation policy of the suppliers/ vendors applicable to your particular arrangements.
  • 3. All refunds will be processed within but not limited to 30 days of cancellation of service, the refunds will be provided by whatever means feasible to Travel Andaman.
  • 4. Customers are requested to provide correct information, in case of wrong information provided (even if by mistake) and if there arises any issues/dispute due to the same, Travel Andaman will not entertain those and the client has to bear the problems/fine/extra expenses arises due to the same.
  • 5. Rates are quoted as per base category Room available in Respective Hotels.

Please Note: The above itinerary is tentative; the actual sequence of the tour will depend of the factors like availability of ferry tickets, hotel rooms, holidays and similar factors. We will try our best to complete all the sightseeing mentioned in the itinerary, but don’t take liability or responsibility of incomplete tour due to unavailability of ferry/boat tickets, holidays, delays by guest, or any other similar reason.

Only those who accept the above terms and condition may book service with Travel Andaman. Booking of tour package or any other service(s) with Travel Andaman would mean that the person who is booking (Client) accept the terms and condition listed below at the web site www.travelandaman.in This also would mean that the client has informed all the persons those are directly and indirectly are taking services of Travel Andaman tours & Travels.


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